Salva prepares a different breakfast for each day of stay, consisting of natural seasonal fruit juices, scrambled vegetables, homemade cake and many surprises.

Enjoy a different breakfast every day, tasty and healthy at the same time, prepared with care and attention to delight any diner.

Start your days at El Secanet with a magnificent breakfast.


The pleasure of gastronomy

valencian gastronomy

Personalized dinners

When night comes, get ready to feast your senses. Let yourself be surprised by Salva and her delicious menus, prepared with love exclusively for you. At El Secanet you will never know what you are going to have for dinner. You just dedicate yourself to enjoying.

All of El Secanet’s gastronomy is lovingly chosen, using only fresh, quality, seasonal and kilometer zero products and, in many cases, from its own garden.

At El Secanet there is no freezer. The purchase is made daily to prepare the healthiest and tastiest dishes for the delight of guests.

The home-made extra virgin olive oil, Almedíjar cheeses and other local products have a special place on El Secanet’s menus, thus recovering and promoting local consumption and the wonderful artisanal products of the area.