history El Secanet


The history of El Secanet dates back to 2003. On Torres Torres street, in the town of Algímia de Alfara, several houses were linked by a common archway. The local barber lived in one of those houses, while the next door was the summer home of Salvador Estellés and Gemma Conpany.

When the barber died, some people were interested in buying the house to tear it down and rebuild it. After some sleepless nights and many sleepless nights, Salva and Gemma embarked on the madness of buying the barber’s house to prevent it from being demolished.

From those sleepless nights, the dream called El Secanet emerged.


This is how this adventure begins for a family that changed its life to preserve its home and the historical and architectural heritage of a town. They also valued their own lives and values. And he managed, all in one stroke, to create a dream place to share moments of peace and harmony with whoever wants to enter through the door of El Secanet and open themselves to its mystery.

After buying the house, Salva and Gemma decided to make two rooms of the barber’s house available for rent, but in order to offer a good service, they decided to sell their home in Valencia and move permanently to Algímia de Alfara.

The adventure began!

The project grew thanks to the love and work of Salva and Gemma. A new life was opening up for this family who, 20 years later, continue to open their doors to whoever wants to immerse themselves in the magic of El Secanet.

the hotel decoration

El Secanet today

Life always takes us along the path that best suits us and it took Salva Estellés, when he was just a child, to Algímia de Alfara, following a wonderful and crazy decision of his parents and a dream that was born in the town barber’s house. . A change of life that today, after 20 years of accumulated experiences in El Secanet, has led him to take charge of the project, after the retirement of his parents.

A relief that brings what was learned from his predecessors and the freshness of youth and the passion to keep El Secanet as the dream place that his parents created. healthier and tastier to the delight of guests.

El Secanet